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Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN View Post
My car dynoed at 591 and his Z06 at 587
Wow, those are pretty insane numbers. What's your setup?

The torque difference probably throws in some interesting twists. You may be able to get the jump on a Z because the lower torque helps you grip in low gear, but then when the higher torque of the Z kicks in after traction is established, could start to pull.

So did you and Mookster run each other or are you guys talking about different events (M3 vs. Z06, Z06 vs. GT500)?

You guys should seriously consider some Michelin PSS tires. They're incredible. As fast as your cars are, they'll only get faster. The PSS use 4/5 winter compound; warm they can support 1st gear full traction with ~500 whp from a dead stop in 45 deg. F, pretty crazy, I've seen it.