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Originally Posted by n54door View Post
How exactly is Mittens going to do that? By cutting taxes for the rich so they can line their pockets further and create an even bigger gap in society?

What you are saying is, take a gamble on giving rich people more money and hope they put it toward creating jobs.

Have you looked around? People of all societies are hoarding cash because the belief in the system is fading.

Its a losing bet, sorry.

He isn't going to cut taxes on rich people he stated that, however what he is going to do is cut obamas ridiculous programs and his spendings. The last thing we need is obamacare. What romney has in store:
less spending, more recovery, oil independent, creating jobs OUTSIDE of the government, less government involvement towards small businesses, giving opportunities for small businesses to expand rather then them paying for every tooth ache the bum down the street has. IMO sounds a lot better then what obama supposedly has lined up:
free health care, a shitty foreign policy, a terrible economic solution that's going to back fire onto the middle class anyways, all the lies from his last election, tons of other apologizes he has in stock for the middle east, bankruptcy of small businesses, a terrible immigration policy, must I go on? Hell america is becoming communist because of this joke.

Have YOU looked around? Since he's come in its been getting worse and worse and the only excuse he's got is Bush left him in a rut..sure he did but that's no excuse to increase debt TWICE as much. I have no idea how anyone in their right mind can vote for a 3rdworld-asskissing-apologetic-excusefull-unpatriotic-monkey. Hah just look at his background, he couldn't prove on the spot whether he was an american, he admitted to being a muslim AFTER he was elected, he went to an only black anti-america church, first year in his presidency he kissed the hand of a muslim leader...the president of THE UNITED STATES..the most powerful man in the world kissed that mans hand, he apologized to the middle east for bombing OUR embassy and blaming it on a was on 9.11 and he didn't even call defense for the over run embassy, there was a 4 star general in the next base over and there aren't many people between him and president to send support, yea guess who called it off.. the man himself. lol i don't even know why anyone would consider this joke, country's done if gets elected.