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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Mitt..we need jobs, not more spending.
How exactly is Mittens going to do that? By cutting taxes for the rich so they can line their pockets further and create an even bigger gap in society?

What you are saying is, take a gamble on giving rich people more money and hope they put it toward creating jobs.

Have you looked around? People of all societies are hoarding cash because the belief in the system is fading.

Its a losing bet, sorry.

Originally Posted by Spydeputy View Post
The war in the middle east doesn't have a Trillion dollar price tag.
And freedom is not cheap, sad to say.
Obama has spent twice, in 4 years what Bush spent in 8 years.
Much of what was spent was already signed into law and appropriated by Bush just prior to Obama being elected. Did you not know that or did you choose to ignore it?

And let's face it, Obama was set up to fail. Let's say you wreck you car and get out of the vehicle. Then some one comes in and sits in the drivers seat. Can you seriously blame that person for wrecking your car because they are sitting in your car, which YOU just wrecked yourself? And then blame them for trying to fix it for you because you wrecked it. And then after you wrecked your car, you then bailed out the other drivers for not having insurane after you wrecked into them?

Obama got a shitty deck of cards, and he did the best he could fixing up 8 years of wreckage.

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