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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
I think the turbo always has looked great, but so has a non fixed wing 911. The 991 without the fixed wing is much more sleek while a turbo is much more dramatic. The 991 is easily along with a few other cars (i.e. AM Vantage etc) one of the best looking cars on the road in terms of its pressence and agressiveness. A turbo will undoubtedly be more aggressive...

Agreed. There isnt anything stock for stock the M3 does better than a 997S other than provide better practicality and a higher redline.
Nobody said the M3 did anything better than 997S. The point was, IN MY OPINON BASED UPON MY OWNERSHIP OF BOTH CARS, that the 997S doesn't do anything better (other than what we covered earlier in the thread) than the M3.