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Originally Posted by Fox128i View Post
I am not a Republican, so your argument doesn't apply to me. For what it's worth, I did not approve of any of those bail outs either. Dems are just as guilty of the ole double standard quandary as are their Republican counterparts btw. I don't approve, but both sides use it and do it. Doesn't make it right though.
as a general rule, i don't like it when the government gets involved in picking which companies suceed or fail.
but i do realize that there are certain companies that really are, too big to fail
imagine for a moment, if GM fails
imagine how many people work for GM
all the suppliers, the suppliers of the suppliers
you're talking a huge hit for the economy.

in that case which is the better option?
i am not sure
but since one option means hardship for millions of people
i can't really say i would not have done the same if i were the president.

maybe a better way to safegaurd against this is to have some kind of monitoring of companies that approach the "too big to fail" size
i mean if we have to bail them out, we should have a say in how they are run

i know this is a difficult situation, and i get pissed off when the republicans make it sound like the end of the world, when their president did the same exact thing, but that was ok because he was a republican.
i don't understand how they can say these things with a straight face