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Originally Posted by alms211
Originally Posted by bholloway View Post
Anyone who would rather have an M3 than a 911 is an uneducated fool and thats a fact. The 911 is one of the best if not the best sportscar ever build. The M3 is a heavy, modified 3 series designed for middle aged business men to haul their kids and fat wife around in. If you think the M3 is better than you're a poor ass peasant and probably a shitty driver. Man up and get a Porsche... You're welcome M3 forums.
You do realize that one is (well, at least it used to be) a sportscar and one is a GT car do you not? Thus direct comparisons of weight & size are out the window. Having said that, I've owned a 997S and will tell you right now that it was IN NO WAY better than an E92M3. Steering, balance, brakes, performance, power delivery, feel, etc... nothing the 997S does better than the M3. Oooops, sorry....the 997S gets better gas mileage. I'll trade the sound of the high revving V8 for the inferior gas mileage.

Carrera and Carerra (S) 911's are nothing special. Been there, done that. GT versioned 911's......whole different ballgame.

Oh yeah, I live in a trailer and am on food stamps and can't drive for sh!t. Oh well, at least Obama loves me.
You are hilarious. Apparently your former ownership of a 997 makes your opinion fact. It does nothing better than an M3? I know you must simply be exaggerating to stand by your argument. Either that or you clearly know very little about cars.
For the record, I currently have both an E92 M3 and a 997.2 in my garage. I love them both, but come on fella, you can't really be believing what you're saying? Are you really sticking to your dogmatic beliefs even in the face of facts? Wait. You probably are. All the Obama crap you spew says you are pretty willing to overlook facts to stick to the party line. You head on over and cast your vote for the man with the magic underwear. You can bash Porsche all you want when Jesus comes to Missouri.