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Originally Posted by socalm3lover View Post
Guys, I have a noise from my left front suspension that my mechanic has not been able to find. I first noticed it as a single click when making either a left or right hand turn in my neighborhood, 20-25mph. It seemed to happen only when the suspension loaded, or unloaded.

I recently noticed that in a longer 30 mph corner that when pushed some, the clicking noise continues as long as the suspension is loaded. It does not sound like it is associated with rotation, just rapid clicking. The suspension has been inspected, recently aligned (minor correction), etc. Sway bar links have been replaced and did not help. Any thoughts? Anyone else have this issue?


Check for rocks lodged somewhere. My M made clicking sounds similar to yours and I thought it was a suspension issue but it turns out that it was from a rock stuck between my oil pan and belly pan and the clicks were from the chassis flexing with the rock stuck.