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Originally Posted by erm324
Originally Posted by THE-FN-MAN View Post
No chance that thing is supercharged lol. If it is that poor guy either is -
A: worst driver ever and needs to leave the DCT in auto mode at all times or
B: demand his money back from G-power
The blue car is obviously supercharged, for if it wasn't Per would have pulled alot harder much quicker. The guy can row the gears thats for sure
Lol I know you aren't chalking up that huge victory to shifting gears haha. And any person who had driven a high horsepower manual will tell the 1st to 2nd and the 2nd to 3rd are the hardest due to modulating throttle and wheel spin. I do realize he started in 2nd but he didn't have any wheel spin to deal with so that makes things a whole lot easier. Regardless though, impressive win. Wonder what's going through the g power owners mind lol