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I was worried about that at first, but I'm really not concerned anymore. I'm going to play the field for a while and figure out what my options are so I don't have the same problem as last time. I'm seeing two women right now who BOTH have a lot more to offer than my ex and I'm fairly certain I'd be much happier with either one. Hell- this girl I'm talking about alone has all of the good traits of my ex (with the exception of not being a skier) and lots, LOTS more. She has some of the same shortcomings too, but I've yet to find anything significant about her that's worse. Equal to MUCH better in nearly every way.

I AM putting myself on a pedestal compared to before, but that's exactly what I needed to do. Low self esteem with my ex not seeming to want to bring anything to the table. Now I'm meeting fantastic women left and right, & all the ones I'm seeing would like to have something exclusive with me. It feels fantastic. And yes- I understand we are all flawed and none of them will be perfect, but they'll be much CLOSER to perfect.

You're absolutely right- "why did I wait so long". I was afraid I'd wind up just as you said...or even worse. Not worried about it anymore

That said, I'm not sure if I'll get married, at least not for a VERY long time. I think knowing that you have to work to keep your partner around, rather than having them legally obligated to stay, is healthy for a relationship. It reduces complacancy.

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