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Originally Posted by Philz BMW View Post
They are more alike than different. The election really doesn't matter, it's a made for TV spectacle with sheeple who hang on every word either candidate says. If Romney gets elected, his people will get money and the status quo will be maintained. If Obama gets re-elected, his people will get money and the status quo will be maintained.

Regardless of who holds office in the white house or what majority is in Congress a few things are certain:

-The debt will continue to rise
-A false prosperity brought on by debt and money printing will continue
-We are headed for an economic collapse
-"Solutions" which enable people to keep living the way they live will be touted (although completely unsustainable)
-There are no real solutions

You do realize that in order to start actually chipping away at the debt and fiscal gap something like a 50% cut in ALL govt spending and 50% taxes on ALL citizens would need to be implemented. Who would support that?

We are over 16T in debt, with a fiscal gap of over 100T. Yet the gov't almost shut down last year over 30B. Laughable.

See you in the shitter. Want to know the future? Take a look at the Eurozone.
Agree that there are some areas where they would govern similarly, but there are many areas where the differences would be huge.

One example - supreme court appointments. If you like Citizens United and don't want women to have the right to choose, go Romney.
If you want a war with Iran, go Romney.
If you want the disparity between rich and poor to continue to widen, go Romney.
If most your income comes from capital gains and dividends and you want to save big $$$ on taxes, go Romney.

Most of us in the middle class will be much better off with Obama. He is from the middle class, he understands the middle class and he works hard for the middle class. Romney morphed into Mr. Middle Class just before his performance in the 1st debate. It was an act because he was losing. He expressed his true beliefs about the middle class when he made his 47% comments in front of his rich donors.