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Originally Posted by carve View Post
Good post, Comet. I'm upper middle class...I have basically all the important things I want. 335i...comfy modern house...weekends skiing...maybe a dive trip once or twice a entry level SLR, and a nice mountain bike. While I wouldn't mind a 911 Turbo and some uber contemporary Tony Stark house, I don't think they'd make me nearly as happy as a good sex life- particularly with women I actually like and respect who want me for more than my money. With my level of 'stuff', I've reached the point of diminishing returns. My income is the same as when I was with my ex, but my happiness is now through the roof in comparison. I don't worry about stuff as much

Thanks- livin' the dream . It just keeps getting better and better with this one. She's very...kinky. She likes to....ahhhemmm....have me take control and push boundaries. This one might be a keeper.

I realize you are happy now, and I'll bet you are thinking "why didn't I do this earlier" (ie. divorce).

However, I'd be very interested in seeing if you still feel the same way in 3-5 years (assuming during that time you do not get re-married). My theory is that you will not...there will likely be elements of your ex that you miss and you aren't able to find the perfect person (not saying ex was perfect, just that you'll look for her good traits in whomever, PLUS all the ones that she wasn't good at, and you won't find that). My theory is that you will be unhappy / lonely, in spite of the "attentions" by others - you may start to view them as needy / desparate, trying to land you (ie. start putting yourself on a pedestal).

Of course, this is just a theory, I have nothing to back it up experience wise, but I'd certainly be interested in honest feedback! PM me in 3-5 years!

Of course, what I hope is that you do find the right person for you...just don't let this get to you and change you into a self absorbed person, otherwise you won't find anyone!