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Originally Posted by e92livin View Post
Haha jokerrr
you'll get the sporty sound of scrapes when hiting a speed bump.
combine that with a front lip, noone will hear your coming but they all will hear you leaving.

on true topic. Forget the exhaust, typically, ppl go for the mufler first, then change the xpipe for power gains later and find their muffler becomes overbearing, Leave the muffler stock, since it does not restict as much as poeple think. go for the xipe, hfc system like aa will give you amazing sound with a stock muffler, and then if needed do the acm mod on the exhaust. Should cost you round 200 for the mod at any local muffler shop.

I modded my stock, then went for performance muffler, then it droned too much so i had a H. chamber custom fitted to help with that, then x pipe, then it all got lauder, and now im looking for a stock exhaust to do the mod.