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Originally Posted by m3an View Post
Heed others advice at caution; I for one would never just run e85 in my tank w/out setting the car the prop to make power.
Why would he take my advice with caution? I am telling him not to do it because I have experience with it.

You actually don't need to "setup the car for power" Cars, such as the n54 engine cars make gobs of more power from simply running e85 on a stock motor and tune. Its just simply that the m3 fuel system cannot keep up with demands so its useless even at very small mixtures.

If you want to do it on the m3, you need injectors and probably a pump, which then in turn requires a tune to properlyoperate them.

But e85 does not require a tune to benefit just like race gas, if the fuel system can accomodate.

I am a bit surprised that our fuel system cannot compensate for a mix of e20. That is not far from where we likely will be going in this country in 5 years. Atleast e15 will be here. I am surprised the fuel system does not have more reserve built in