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Judgement on the price of the M is an opinion based upon many things. Essentially, I want a car which is fun to drive. I own one which is quite fun and it will take a decent price point for me to jump into another.

"Also the argument that $62k is too expensive, "so I'll just get a base (NO options) 911 Carrera S for $84k" is simply ridiculous. Very close performance (likely exceeded in many performance metrics by the E92 M3) less seating, less trunk, but indeed possibly a bit more fun/pure but for 1/3rd more with no options. Come on get real. Don't even get me going about the base 911 (non S) for $74k base it is clearly going to be significantly out performed by the E92 M3. The price of the M3 will not "too high" nor is its price to performance ratio. The price to performance ratio is exactly where the M3 will be unbeatable."

Ridiculous, my ass.