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Even if you do believe it is the role of government to equalize outcomes (not just equalize opportunity), and you think they need to step in and prop up failures, then why is it OK to do so for car companies, but not other companies?

That's also a big part of the problem that many folks have with these bailouts. It's not just the fact there are taxpayer-funded bailouts to begin with, but the fact that Uncle Sam is picking and choosing who gets to succeed and who doesnt. There are MILLIONS who lost their job, because their employer got no bailout, even tho often their companies business model was just as good, if not better than GM or Chrysler. Instead of being rewarded for that, they were punished because they were not too big to fail.

Can you imagine if you and your neighbor, with similar houses, are financially struggling, and gov steps in to help your neighbor because he chose to run up way more credit card debt than you, but it doesnt help you. After all, more local stores & restaurants will suffer if he goes under, due to his non-stop extravagant spending. So, he ends up keeping his house, and you lose yours. Would you feel that is fair? The only right thing is to either bail out everyone, or bail out nobody.