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Originally Posted by mspeasl View Post
I agree it doesn't end just with Chrysler layoffs. Chrysler suppliers will in turns be laying off employees also and then their suppliers will do so too. And on and on. It's painful but sometimes necessary.
That's key point regarding a failing company. Sometimes it is painful and NECESSARY for companies to fail (or restructure) in order for the economy and capitalism to work effectively.

There is no such thing as everyone is guaranteed a job.. it is not in the Constitution nor in the Government's responsibilities to ensure jobs for every American. Just equal protection under the laws, ensuring for our defense, running a patent office, and regulation of interstate commerce, so that the playing field is level, are the core functions of government. It is up to the individual (or a group of them forming a corporation) to make it or break it on their own merits. That includes car companies.

It seems like this basic premise is being lost.

Somewhere Studabaker is PISSED off his company went under. To even think he started the electric car craze in 1902. NINETEEN-O-TOO! Is the car industry worse off or better off that Studabaker didn't make it?? Considering for the fact the he had the largest car factory in the world at the time.
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