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Here are several pics that Bryan sent me. I think these were all taken with an iPhone.

Wheels were removed and cleaned inside and out.
Name:  cleaned inner wheel.jpeg
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Size:  244.5 KB

Wolf's Rim Shield and Hard Body were applied to the wheels.
Name:  cleaned outer wheel.jpeg
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Much of the car was wet sanded. This is the hood bulge, with the left side beginning to be polished back out.
Name:  wet sanded hood.jpeg
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Next several pics are during the polishing process, but none of them are after the final polishing and Wolf's Hard Body application.
Name:  front polished.jpeg
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Name:  pass side polished.jpeg
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Name:  polished hood.jpeg
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Name:  polished left side.jpeg
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Name:  side polished.jpeg
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One exhaust pipe has been polished in this pic.
Name:  polished one exhaust pipe.jpeg
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