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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
I just traded in my 997.2 carrera s for a 2010 gt3 and still have my m3. I can agree with most of the points made by brosef an alms. The s65 engine is truly one of a kind and if Porsche does make a better double clutch transmission, It's certainly not in the 997 models. The 991 may come close, but still not as responsive and quick as the m3'a dct. There are however a few things that lured me away from bmw to Porsche. Mainly the overall sporty, small, light feel of Pcars. I also really despised the seats in the m3, I could not get it to sit as low as I wanted. I always felt I was sitting on a thrown in the m3 and that really bothered me. If the e92 weighed about 200-300 pounds lighter and had proper seats it would be the perfect car, price aside, almost nothing would touch it. IMO.
Cant agree on the M3 weighing 200-300 lbs less and nothing being able to touch it; and far from that in fact. The M3 GTS IS ~300 lbs lighter, has 30 more hp (not to mention revised DCT, wider wheels, downforce, etc) and still cant touch a BASE GT3 (from 2007 though its much newer) even though its more expensive let alone a 997 mk2 GT3. In fact, the M3 GTS doesnt even have an advantage over a 991S despite a better power to weight ratio, so this theory doesnt compute.
If a Cayman S had a GT3 motor and Porsche motorsport suspension, literally nothing would touch it, especially for the price. We can hope and dream all day about if this car had X power or weighed X less, but in this case we know how the M3 would perform based on the fact that the GTS wasnt/isnt setting any benchmarks in the least bit.

I do agree our cars would be much better with that additional weight removed, but the performance difference wouldnt be anything eye opening.

Just to add, I think dropping 200-300 lbs from our cars would also lose some of the appeal it has a a comfortable GT/sporty car. I have come to really love how this car can be a bit of everything and its extremely comfortable to boot. I think more cars are aiming to be comfortable while retaining sharp characteristics and performing better the way the e9x m3 did.

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