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Originally Posted by smohr33 View Post
Sure. Let's do it apples to apples. Had the government not stepped in, the private company would file bankruptcy, restructure, and probably lay off a good number of employees, like any other private company. Say Chrysler fired 10,000 of their 50,000 employees. I think that's a high estimate, but lets walk with it...

For it to be more expensive to the taxpayer than the bailout, each unemployed person would have to cost taxpayers over $130,000.

There are currently 12,000,000 people in the US unemployed. That would mean Chrsylers share of unemployment would be .00083%. Less than one thousandth of a percent.
you contrary to what you may believe, firing people doesn't fix all the worlds problems
if you fire half your staff, and your car suck
you will still not make money

not agreeing with your numbers for many reasons
let's say they fired 10,000 employees, to follow your example
those 10,000 emplyees are now getting unemployment from the government
those 10,000 are spending much less than they were when they had a job, obviously
so all the super markets, stores, or any buisness they did buisness with is now making less, thereby, maybe, firing some of their staff
it's a snowball effect
it's not as simple as firing people and suddely everything looks rosy
it's not just fire 10,000 and it ends there