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Originally Posted by mike the snake View Post
I'm not a big Vettel fan. It does seem they simply have the fastest car. I'd bet that many drivers would be in his position given the same car.

Alonso has definitely shined this season as a driver.

I was really rooting for Hamilton. Hoping next season is good for him.
I'm not a huge Vettel fan myself, but it has to be said that he dominates Webber most of the time and Webbo's no slouch. Would most top tier drivers in his position be leading the championship? Yeah, I imagine so. Would they have led every single lap of the last four races? I find it unlikely. While I don't like the guy, he's definitely got some raw pace over one lap and at the start of races to pull the out-of-DRS-range gap.

Hamilton's 2013 should be interesting. He tends to be a bit of a complainer, downbeat, and depressed when the car is off pace. McLaren has given him a winning car every single year he's been with them. I'll be absolutely floored if Mercedes give him a car that can finish on the podium next year, let alone win a race. Should be interesting to see how it unfolds...

I still personally wish McLaren chose Hulk to partner Button too. Perez is a fine driver and all, but either seems to shine or make a dumb mistake that puts him out of the race. Hulk seems a much more consistent (and just as quick) option.

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