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Good post, Comet. I'm upper middle class...I have basically all the important things I want. 335i...comfy modern house...weekends skiing...maybe a dive trip once or twice a entry level SLR, and a nice mountain bike. While I wouldn't mind a 911 Turbo and some uber contemporary Tony Stark house, I don't think they'd make me nearly as happy as a good sex life- particularly with women I actually like and respect who want me for more than my money. With my level of 'stuff', I've reached the point of diminishing returns. My income is the same as when I was with my ex, but my happiness is now through the roof in comparison. I don't worry about stuff as much

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You are a very lucky man carve
Thanks- livin' the dream . It just keeps getting better and better with this one. She's very...kinky. She likes to....ahhhemmm....have me take control and push boundaries. This one might be a keeper.