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Originally Posted by meauxdogs View Post
I had a paint correction performed on my jet black 2010 M3 a couple of weeks ago by Bryan Burnworth at Peach State Detail ( I purchased the car slightly used in August 2010 (about 4,000 miles on it), and it already had pretty severe water spots etched into the clear coat. I finally decided to do something about it and had Bryan perform his magic on it.

After some futile efforts to polish out the etching, Bryan wet sanded the hood, trunk, rooof, and sides of the body down the "crease" on the upper side panels since any flat--or close to flat--surface of body was badly etched. After wet sanding, the car was polished, and finished off with a coat of Wolf's Hard Body. Knowing what the paint looked like before he started, the results are stunning.

I wish I had some good before close up pictures for before and after comparison that I could post. I do have a a few pictures Bryan sent me during the correction, including one of a wet sanded and partially polished hood bulge. That is a frightening sight if you haven't seen wet sanding in process.

After seeing what he did with my jet black paint, I highly recommend Bryan and Peach State Detail. The paint correction was not cheap, but neither is the M3, and if you want to own a jet black one, well... Anyway, if I wasn't prepared to pay him for the time and work that would really correct the paint, I would have just continued to put up with a perpetually dirty looking jet black car.

In addition to being an incredible detailer, Bryan is a great guy, does a great job of explaining what he is going to do and why, and was very helpful with recommendations on how to maintain his great work.
Nice. Can you post the pictures you have?