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Originally Posted by brado
So the drama starts because I said there is no comparison between the M3 and the Si, to which some members said "duh its a sports car and the civic is an econobox" and I replied something along the lines that there is civic owners who think they drive a sports car, but they dont know any better cause its the only thing they have ever driven. and then things just went down hill from there.

If youre easily offended I wouldnt read the thread, there is alot of bmw and M3 bashing. things have settled down though
I'm sorry I couldn't help but laugh reading some of the posts in that thread. I too was in the Civic scene. At first I thought it was all that until a few friends of mine took me to an autocross. And watching them rip through that track changed my life forever!

Here's the difference: Folks buy Hondas to either, A. Save money on gas or, B. Go fast in a very straight line. Then there are folks who think their Hondas could compared side by side in an autocross. Unfortunately for them, no matter how much they mod their Hondas or how fine they tune them... It will never come close in comparison with a stock BMW. In my opinion the overall performance BMW provides are unmatched.

You could build a BMW to go dumb @55 fast in a drag... But why? It doesn't take a 16 year old with a permit to drive hella fast in a straight line. It doesn't require much skill. Lol just a fast car... Where is the fun in that?

Let the Civic Nation think you're booshie now that you own a BMW. They're just upset they don't have any class. Don't waste anymore of your time and leave them be in their swaggerific rockets.

You'll learn that the BMW community has more friendly faces than Douche bags. We have a few of those but not as many as everyone assumes. Enjoy!