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Originally Posted by gizmo335i View Post
Damn one extreme compared to the other. was it it only coil packs?

I've been reading up a little and they sure seem like they're reliable. I have heard a few on here say they're pretty bad....
It was not only coil packs, that was just the most common as it happened probably around 10 times (once the very day after being at the dealer for the 75k service.) In addition to the coil packs, however, I also had the PCV go out twice and had the cam follower go out once. The follower actually was on the verge of going out a second time when I was lucky enough to mention to my SA that I wanted them to check out during a regular service and they found it almost completely worn through. I also had an issue where my head lights would randomly flicker and turn off (with the HIDs) and it would pop up with an error that said head light dip or something (you can look it up on Audizine, search for dipped headlights). Both the dealer and an independent mechanic told me I needed to replace the ballast (which for some good awful reason cost almost $2k on an A4 with adaptive HIDs) but I just changed the bulbs and it fixed the flickering (though the headlights would shake violently up and down when stopped at red lights occasionally afterwards).

You can look search for any of these problems on Audizine, none of them are even remotely rare. In fact I'd go as far as to say the coil pack problem is more rare to not exist than to exist. There was even a recall, but it did not fix the problem. The cam follower is also pretty common as are the dipped headlights. Now keep in mind these problems were on the B7, they might have all been addressed on the B8, I have no idea.

Oh and one final thing... the 2.0t has a carbon deposit problem that makes the N54 look like nothing.
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