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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
1) I'd call TC Kline on the spring rates...they are VERY helpful.

2) I person who is very sensitive to noises and vibrations has the vorshlag plates and hasn't complained. The vorshlag plates across the different chassis seem to be very durable. IMO, its the way to go.

Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
I agree with the above suggestion for selecting spring rates - contact TCK directly. BimmerWorld, HP Autowerks and VAC are other great options because they all carry the full TCK suspension lineup.

However, having used the TCK SA setup on my e92 M3, IMO, 350/600 will be very "comfy" on the street - I was running 400/600 and that was still a very "comfy" street setup.

Can't help you with the Vorshlag camber plates. I've only used GC and KW plates on all of my suspension setups.

I have contacted TCKR and have been suggested a front spring rate of 350-400 and a rear spring rate of 600 Right on the money with M3SQRD's suggestions!

bigjae1976 I will take your word on the Vorshlags, espeacially since you've mentioned that you are very sensitive to noises