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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
There's a lot of really out of touch people in here that are clearly the source of the douche bag BMW driver stereotype. Not everyone is so fortunate as to have a comfortable lifestyle where they can pay their way out of these situations. Not everyone can afford to pay for a tow, or roadside assistance or every bit of maintenance to their vehicle. Especially when they can just get a jump from any decent person nearby.

And shit happens, there's plenty of boneheaded M3 owners on here who do similarly stupid stuff (or more stupid) like leaving the lights on. There's an awful lot of looking down on less fortunate people going on in here.

It's not going to hurt your fancy fucking BMW to give someone a jump. LOL @ you people thinking your BMW is too good to give another car a jump.
Where do you come up with this stuff? So we are d-bags, dicks and now apparently elitest snobs with money..all because I dont prefer to use my BMW to give someone a boost.. you crack me up.

How do you know what is going to hurt my car or not? Because you heard it on the internet ..I have first hand experience boosting a car with a BMW and doing damage as a result..what do you have?..

You wanna chance it ..go for it..thats the great thing about being an American..freedom of choice.

And if it means I am going to be karmically doomed because I choose not to boost a car with my M3..oh well thats a chance I am willing to take.