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BMW CF Performance spoiler vs Ericsson Amuse Trunk: my spoiler was stolen

Hey guys,

I was wondering which of the two you think looks better. I haven't gotten the chance to see the amuse trunk in person before and don't know how it looks in person. Any pics to share? I've had the cf spoiler installed this past year on my car but don't know if I want the risk of this happening again.

Also, do you guys know the ballpark cost of painting the trunk mineral white and installing it on the car?


My spoiler was stolen earlier today, here's the scoop I posted elsewhere:

Hey guys,

Just wanted all of you to know I parked my car on the 3rd level of Yorkdale mall a few hours ago. When I returned, someone ripped off my carbon fiber performance spoiler, and attempted to steal my carbon fiber Arkym rear diffuser but couldn't because my exhaust tips block it from being removed (my muffler needs to be removed in order for my rear diffuser to be removed). No damage was done at all to my paint.

Anyways, I saw some shady guy waiting in a parked car in the middle of the parking lot, I felt something was off but didn't think anything of it. I have a gut feeling it was him. I think he was just waiting to see a new shopper park their car and steal parts before they return so it would give him adequate time to do so. Apparently car theft is common at Yorkdale mall from what I hear. Anyways, when parking make sure to park very far from any cars waiting inbetween the aisles with suspicious looking males --they're looking for customers who just arrived at the mall and won't be returning to their cars for a while.

Let me know if any of you see an AD pop up on Kijiji/eBay/Craig's List etc for a performance carbon fiber M3 spoiler these next couple of weeks.

ALSO, if anyone knows someone selling that carbon fiber spoiler in the GTA, send me a PM, I'm looking to buy.