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Originally Posted by adc View Post
in one word, rarity. What makes a "limited edition" well, limited?? BMW didn't claim any performance improvement so it's not really like they are cheating the customer.

The LTW had precisely zero pedigree, wasn't really even faster than the regular car. And the S54 Z3M and 1M have the same null pedigree, yet fetch nice premiums. My Limited Edition Miata fetches 50-100% more than a regular car of similar vintage, all because of a unique color combination and trim bits.

There really is just one connecting thread between all these cars...

You can chose to ignore it or not. But IMO its there.
you're ignoring the other half of my equation on the LTW and the 1M - performance. yes, not a huge racing pedigree, but better performance in limited quantities increases the desirability of these cars (i'm pretty sure the LTW is faster around a track than a normal E36 M3).

your one word "rarity" isn't enough to make a collectible, sorry. if that was all that mattered, Pontiac Azteks would be collector's items. there's got to be something else that sparks the lust of a collector, enough to make him pay through the nose for a car and spark bidding wars.

i understand your argument - you're saying that the frozen color is the other piece of the puzzle and that will make the car more desirable later on. i disagree - i believe this frozen/matte stuff is a fad and the car community will eventually move on. time will tell who's right.