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Originally Posted by tbonem3 View Post
mine is a brand new 2012 E92 M3 with a little over 3k miles on the odomotor. The transmission fluid was supposedly changed during the 1200 mile mark.

I am getting similar like you, 2-3 shift, could also feel metal on metal at times (no audible grind noise) and also at times, it happens on 1-2 & 4-5 shifts, where they are not the smoothest shifts as well.

Should I be concerned, or this is just normal for this transmission, and just live with it? thanks.
I'd bring it up with the dealer. Let them keep it overnight and tell them to get in and start driving right away in the morning. It should be obvious to anyone that drives a stick regularly. Request the shop foreman or somone else that has driven a lot of M's to do it. If they deny you ask to take another 6MT on the lot out for a spin and see if its the same.

With mine I would feel metal on metal on the 2-3 shift when cold and intermittently when warmed up. Sometimes it shifted smooth as butter and other times it would "grind." Now that they've replaced the clutch its still notchy and difficult to shift when cold but the metal grinding/sychro grinding issue is gone hot or cold. I just have to baby it and go easy on the first few shifts before its warm. Its usually good to go by the time I leave my neighborhood.

Would have preferred a new transmission but I'm satisfied.