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I'm suspecting the residuals on the DCT will be better - I think this will have more universal appeal than the previous SMG and there will be a consequent effect on demand for manual version in the second-hand market. I probably going to change my order and wait...

It will be nich into a nich. I mean, that for many purist the manual is the only way to go. For me too. So the residual will probably be nbot so bad.I am tempted for sure also from the new system, but I will suggest to wait for one year at least before to order that one. And this means not before spring 2009.What about the problems that for sure will appear during the first period of his life?
like for the smg???The engine of my previous e46 burned for a not efficient seal, into the oil pump. I lost an engine for a stupid seal!!!so, since the smg had many many troubles, why to be the testers for the BMW using the first year of production of the new DCT?It will cost also more (2500euro??) and will burn more fuel.Probably. Consider also that there are rumors that for about 18 months the production is still almost sold. This means that used cars in short period will have good value. So my opinion is go for manual.
I took the same decision.