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Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport Automotive
The AA/HKS unit has proven to
give more midrange power, and better part throttle response. The
ESS/Vortech unit is more peaky, and can flow more up top which can
translate to more power up high...If you want better part throttle
and mid range, the HKS wins.
Jon I'm wondering if this is just opinion or if there's data to
back it up. I think we all want to see data at this point.

Here's what I've seen, and can give you data if interested (it's
been posted before): when we compare equal boost, there's no
comparison; the Vortech makes about the same (maybe a tiny bit
more) wtq and far more whp than the AA/HKS. But when we compare
equal whp, it's true that the HKS makes quite a bit more torque,
but at the cost of 2+ more PSI boost.

You might have seen that we had a recent drag event with both
kits. When you see the results on the drag strip, it's not even a
fair race. The ESS-VT1+meth beats AA/HKS-620+Meth; and the ESS
620 kits walked it.

I guess the only thing left is to compare vBox files to see if the
AA/HKS can out accelerate the Vortech kits in the mid range. I'm
open to the possibility, but so far nobody with an AA kit has been
willing to give up their vBox files to help see if it's fact or
fiction. Jon do you have any vBox files to compare the two? I'll
be happy to give you mine...I've got hundreds you can have.