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Originally Posted by C|3R1C View Post
I've never read anything about SS lines causing squeaking but I do know if you use your brakes lightly, a slight film of brake dust can coat the rotors (aside from the normal transfer of material) and cause squeaking. Have you tried braking really really hard a few times to clean the rotors and pads?
Originally Posted by RLDZHAO View Post
I really don't see any reason why stainless steel brake lines would cause your brakes to make noise. One of the easiest solutions is to use anti squeal pastes. Available from Autozone. I believe that BMW is also supposed to use it when replacing brake pads. Part number 81 22 9 407 103.
lines don't and wouldn't be the issue but come on guys common sens= it's the dealers easiest way to get out of repairs and turn the customer away as they can deny repairs/warranty due to the item not being OE