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Originally Posted by andrewlef View Post
You don't know what you're talking about. Nothing I own fell into my lap. I work for everything I have. I'll thank you not to make baseless assumptions about me.

And what does a jump start have to do with driving ability? Plenty of mechanics can't drive for crap; I assume you haven't seen the numerous stories of SA's crashing customer cars.

Isn't that how the Aventador caught fire on that test drive? Lol.

Seriously, I've never had to give anyone a jump with my M3 (or vice versa) and I don't carry jumper cables with me. I've done it in the past with different cars (like Hondas and such). I'd have to read the manual, though I imagine it's pretty easy. I can change all my wheels myself (though it's a pain in the ass), change the oil, various fluids, install trim/accessories/sound systems, etc. so I'm not inept.

However, I wouldn't feel great about giving a jump-start to someone's rusty old beater unless it was a genuine emergency. There's really no upside for me, just the potential for damaging my electrical system somehow. It's just not worth it.

Besides, isn't that what tow trucks and AAA are for? I wouldn't want to take work from a hard-working tow truck driver. By the same token, I wouldn't impose on a stranger by asking them for a jump (unless I was stranded in the middle of nowhere w/o cell reception).

I'd give a jump to anyone who drives a GT-R, if they had the cables.
You sir, are not only ignorant but is why people think M3 drivers have no friends. I sure hope you are stranded in the middle of nowhere w/o reception, starving and then have some douche drive by and tell you there's really no upside for him to help you out by giving a boost.

Stay ignorant my friend. Stay ignorant.