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Originally Posted by hyperspeed View Post
how do you like the CF5V's so far vs. the CF10s? i should be getting my set right after they get back from SEMA!

and what tire size are u runnin?
Awesome, congrats! I like them both. Tracked them both at low speed and high speed (140mph+) with no issues. Will continue to track them, especially now I have the ultimate aero mod, haha. Only reason I switched was because I was offered a great deal on the CF5V. Running 275 and 305s. Feel free to PM me for details.

Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Hahahaha love it

Also increases cell phone and satellite reception right?
BMW cell phone sonar technology package activated

Originally Posted by StevenY. View Post
Haha, that's nice! Is the orange brake caliper and orange wheel cap intentional?
Yes sir. AP does not offer orange calipers I don't believe. I had them painted then later did the center caps myself.

Funny story when I was snapping pics. Random cute girl walks by...
Girl: aww that's so cute, is that a dolphin?
Me: thanks, um no, it's a shark.
Girl: looks like a dolphin, I love it.
Me: I hate you.

Thanks guys for all the feedback!

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