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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Some of the supercharged guys are running 180+% of stock power with the stock pump. It's safe to assume that they need at least 80% more fuel to do that. Running E85 on an NA car is going to require much less than that (~25% more) so the stock fuel pump will not be overworked.
must remember that on a SC car boost and the required fuel for it is linear/or fuel pressure is directly correlated to boost. This is why FMU type regulators work fine. As boost increases, extra fuel pressure is increased. It's not really an apples to apples comparo for tuning on a turbo or e85. That being said, rather than worry, why not throw a 100-200 dollar pump in to be safe. It's safety margin. Again I would rather underwork a larger pump than push a smaller one to keep up.

E85 is more of a constant demand, on a SC car the car is not always in boost.