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Originally Posted by andrewlef View Post
Agreed. I'm always worried I'll cut the wrong wire and the whole thing will blow up.
Yea, everytime you jump start a car, yours might end up looking like that Lambo...

Serious question: How can you consider yourself a car guy if you don't even know how to give someone a jump?

Originally Posted by davesaddiction View Post
So, super-duper-coincidentally, one of my coworkers came to my office before lunch and asked me if I could help her jump her car. Apparently she'd left her light on. I said I'd be happy to help out.

We pull my car up next to hers in her driveway and proceed to try to jump it using the connection in the front and the ground point. No go. So, we open up the trunk to take a look at the battery, but we can't find a way to get a good connection on the positive terminal in the back. We end up deciding to pull the cables apart far enough so that we can connect the positive in the front and the negative to the battery in the back. Presto!

So anyway, in the words of Abraham Lincoln: Be excellent to each other.

people > stuff
Weird... I would have thought the front would work just fine? I used the front leads on my E46 to give someone a boost in a Walmart parking lot. Like I said, what goes around comes around.
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