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Originally Posted by CarbonFoot View Post
Sorry - I went MIA after posting this. Thanks for all the replies as lots of good information was shared.

I'm not sure I buy into the notion that a higher flowing fuel pump along with larger injectors are truly required. I understand the need for larger injectors, but it seems as though the fuel pump has enough headroom to cope with the additional flow. I loosely base this on the fact that many of the forced induction systems out there use upgraded injectors while utilizing the stock pump with great success.

So regardless of the fueling system capabilities and despite the obvious performance benefits of E85, I still haven't heard anything that would convince me to run it in my car just yet.

it is cheaper than gas, yet it burns at a much faster rate. Maybe the fuel pump is not 100% necessary but its very cheap insurance. I would rather underwork a larger pump that over work a smaller one.. Make sense?? If you don't get all the idiosyncracies of it, then no offense but e85 is prob not for you.

Remember w/ a bigger fuel pump, you are keeping the same fuel pressure (w/ a regulator) but you won't have a strain on the system. A fuel pump is cheap, why not put it in? You can't compare fueling requirements from a SC car to one setup for e85 as its totally diff.