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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

Re: Sped-up videos, I am absolutely rubbish at video editing and I can never decide what segment to cut out and what to leave in, and also I think people might prefer to see the route in its entirety, but I wager people cannot suffer through 1hr+ of video. I do take care to not go overboard with the fast-forwarding so the engine note is kind-of preserved. Still, the shorter runs like Highlands, Sooke Loop and Port Alice Highway are not sped up at all so give those a try?

Re: Lansdowne, car is there every weekday still, but now I park on the other side of the mall because I walk back and forth to and from our head office across the street.

@ mofbb: I remember your car! Franklin was trying to get into your car that night because they looked so similar, hahaha. There were 6x E92 M3s parked on that side of the lot that night....

Re: Weather, for late October in the Pacific Northwest it actually wasn't that bad. Not much actual rain fell during the drives as you can see, and we've usually been lucky at the planned photo stops. I will agree that cloudy skies made for unspectacular pictures, but I do this trip yearly (usually split into 2 weekends though) so hopefully better luck next year.

Thanks again for looking and hopefully you guys enjoyed the re-cap as much as we enjoyed the drive!

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