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Wet weather performance for Summer Tires vs. A/S.

Maybe Ben can answer this questions, but I have always wondered what would get better traction in wet weather, a high performance summer tire like a PSS, or a high performance all season like a Michelin Pilot A/S? And if one offers better traction, is it significant?

This is assuming they are of equal size and it is not cold enough the summer tire starts really loosing performance and excluding standing water on the road, hydroplaning, snow, etc.

Just from looking at the testing done on, A/S tires seem to be show significantly closer test results between dry performance and wet performance than the summer tires. For summer tires, the test results show there is a significant difference in wet versus dry test results, and of course even though dry performance will not be anywhere close between the two types of tires, I was wondering if it would be close for wet conditions.

I'm just curious since comparing or testing tires between classes don't seem very common and i don't think I have seen any results.