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Hey man, here's the last word. You get clowns on here that will tell you if you don't go with one kit over another your an idiot and the only reason they do that is because they feel the need to justify their purchase more. I have a Gintani kit on my car and to be honest I feel like they are the least represented kit on this forum. Why? I'm not sure but I heard all sorts of rumors and some members can be very biased on here. I'm glad I didn't listen to all that nonsense because I did a little research and spoke to the Gintani team, seen the quality work they do and in the end am extremely happy with my decision. I've seen VF cars and ESS cars out here in so cal and spoken with a chap who had a g power kit. Trust me when I say that no matter what kit you get, they ALL perform about the same and I guarantee you that you will not be the baddest thing out there on the street. Period! Just do a little homework in terms of talking to the actual company and in the end just go with whoever makes you feel most comfortable. If you end up getting AA you aren't going to have any regrets just like if you go with ESS. 99 percent of the time you won't be rolling up to a stop light against another M who has a different kit on his/her car and if you ever do and the kits are a comparable level, it's gonna come down to driver and supporting mods (tires, x pipe, yada yada yada) so just be happy with what you get and enjoy the hell out of it! Best of luck