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Originally Posted by CJR926 View Post
If we want to spectate this event, do we still have to register with speed ventures? Also, I've never attended one of these events. Do many people give ride alongs? And would a motor cross helmet be acceptable for ride alongs?
To spectate you just show up and pay 10$ at the track entrance. You do not need to register with Speed Ventures. A number of people give ride-alongs, but it depends on who you know, and who knows you. Its easier to get a ride along if you have made someones acquaintance. Generally speaking everyone is pretty friendly. I would not recommend using a motor cross helmet if you are on track, even as a passenger. SA 2005 and above helmets are recommended, MA certified helmets work as well but don't have the fire resistance that SA helmets provide for Auto Sports. You can rent helmets from Speed Ventures if need be for $30.