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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
I have had the same Bel RX65 for nearly a decade now. I normally would get a new one every three years.

This one is just too damn good, too damn accurate.
Same. Have had mine for 7 yrs. Have not found a reason to get anything else since. It was only like $200 as well, can't beat that. Has saved me too many times to count. The thing is though, no radar makes you invincible so don't go around speeding like an idiot. I am usually about 10 mph over the limit. When it goes off I'm able to decelerate enough to not have any issues. Cops don't usually care if you are 10-15% over the limit.

Unfortunately nothing is going to save you if they laser you or "gun" you. If your radar detector sees them then they already see you too in those situations so it's too late. I've had 2 speeding tickets as a result of those circumstances. So yes I recommend having a good radar detector but it doesn't give you an excuse to speed. It is just a safety blanket in case you end up going a few mph over the limit when coming up on a speed trap