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Originally Posted by formula M View Post
.a 7 year old M3 that gets 17mpg, no matter what color.. will have equal appeal in 2020..!

So, no matter how spectacular a frozen limited addition is..? Does any of it's glory help loose some of it's 3,700lbs..? Or is it just superficial nonsense..? Or is it just //Marketing..?

Secondly.. Dude, the world is changing, having a car collection means nothing when hurricans, earthquakes, or mother nature has.?
Dude, they've had hurricanes for billions of years on mother planet, and they have been with us humans since before we've been calling us humans. Their effects may be more unpredictable in the future, or their geographical distribution may change and some regions will be favored where others will be hard hit, but the world will still exist as we know it in 2020. This is a very simplistic world view you're painting there.

All I can tell you is, in 2020 in the USA, the gasoline engine will still be king. Of course the engines will become more efficient, and gas more expensive, and hybrids more prevalent.

Whatever, for a young enthusiast wanting to experience the thrills of a racetrack, buying a legendary used car will still be the most appealing alternative. For these guys, all that matters is the budget to purchase and get the car track ready.

Few of these old cars will continue as daily drivers. Most will be weekend toys, where no one cars about anything except the entertainment value. Why do you think the muscle cars from the 60s and 70s made such a huge comeback, despite huge inherent flaws: bad mileage, bad handling, bad build quality.

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