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Originally Posted by mosx View Post
Just got mine out of the shop for this issue. They filed a PUMA case, BMW opted to replace my clutch instead of the entire transmission. Shifts are still notchier than I would like when cold but its waaaay better than it was. My main issue was the 2-3 shift I could feel metal on metal contact when shifting (no audible grind noise). I've driven enough MT cars over the years to know something wasn't right. My 135i shifted smoother.

Either way I had hoped they'd just replace the whole thing but the clutch replacement did enough that I'm not going to complain anymore. 25k miles on the clock with 3 months of warranty left.
mine is a brand new 2012 E92 M3 with a little over 3k miles on the odomotor. The transmission fluid was supposedly changed during the 1200 mile mark.

I am getting similar like you, 2-3 shift, could also feel metal on metal at times (no audible grind noise) and also at times, it happens on 1-2 & 4-5 shifts, where they are not the smoothest shifts as well.

Should I be concerned, or this is just normal for this transmission, and just live with it? thanks.