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Originally Posted by bigjae1976
Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
Agreed about DCT. I use 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th on this track. DCT is almost like cheating .
This might sound stupid but my biggest issue when I jump into my E90 is the DCT. I'm always bouncing off the rev limiter especially if I'm behind a loud spec boxster. It takes me a LOT longer to get my shifting down in my DCT E90 vs my 6SP E46. I might need a much louder exhaust or something. I can't hear shit.
I think a DCT will be quicker in the right hands. It does involve many more gear changes.

I had an e92 M3 and like Gewow above mentions, at LCMT all it requires is 3'rd and 4'th gear.

The DCT on the same track uses (as canaut mentions) 2'nd through 5'th gear. That's a lot more and more chance to bounce off the limiter or not be in the right gear. Its the better track option but requires more practice as far as what gear to be in and even shifting gear mid corner.

At LCMT there is only one sweeping long left gander where I can think you would switch from 3'rd to 4'th gear so basically all the gear changes are when you're in a straight line pretty much.
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