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Help with squeaky brakes

Hey guys,
So my E92 has been developing a bad brake sqeak recently. I bought it 2 months ago with aftermarket stainless steel line. I did not notice any squeaking until about a month after I got the car. I brought it into a BMW dealership and they thought it was the front brake rotors which has about 2K before it needed to be changed. The dealership swapped it out. I took it home and it was still squeaking. So I brought it back to the dealership and they said that it was due to warped rotors. My service advisor says that they were about to not honor the waranty because I had the aftermarket brake lines. They state that the line maybe causing too much heat during braking process thus warping the rotors. They went ahead and changed the two front rotors. The sweaking stopped in the front but minor squeaks were still heard in the back brakes. The squeaking is getting louder. The squeaks only comes on when I'm gently braking. Sometime the squeaks can also be heard at low speed (5-6miles/hr) without me touching the break pedal at all!
I want to know if you guys have any of these problems before. Should I swap out the stainless steel line for the OEM? It seems like I would have to if I'm going to get BMW to honor the waranty. The squeaking is really annoying and embarassing . Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks