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Originally Posted by nevin View Post
I went from M3 to the E60 M5...Once you put it in sport mode the thing was so awesome. However, unless you hit the ol M button on the wheel, the transmission sucked at all times! I hated driving this thing around town. Plus it was to big for me. I wasn't to concerned with the 10 MPG i was getting until I had to stop at the station to fill up every other day. I also had to buy a new clutch not to long after purchasing it from the previous owner screwing me. That cost me $5k, extended warranty didn't cover any of the clutch. Did i mention i hated the transmission!

Im back into an M3 after taking a $10k loss in less then 6 months! I would have been willing to take a 20k loss to get that shit out of my driveway. Stick with your gut like i should have...E39 M5!
I was actually looking at an E39 M5. The only thing about those are again the clutches are bad and so is the VANOS. People say if youre willing to live with a ticking noise in your engine from the VANOS then go ahead. If I had that power and that good looking of a car I'd give a shit less if the VANOS had a little tick.