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Haven't read the full thread, just the last few pages.

Has there been any evidence posted here or elsewhere that torque to the wheels in the sub-5000 rpm for this kit is higher than the kits from ESS, VF, etc.?

What's lacking in our car is low-rpm torque for city driving and if this kit outshines the others it might be worth a price premium in my book. (• Superior low end torque compared to other centrifugal superchargers)

PS: I too have an old 2008 e90 (original owner), the car went out of warranty 2 months ago and I am thinking of joining the "dark side" as well.

Rotrex Superchargers
• Extremely adiabatic efficient (up to 82%) equals great cruising gas mileage
• Superior low end torque compared to other centrifugal superchargers
• Ultra-high mechanical efficiency (up to 99.2)
• High durability (3 year warranty)
• Superior throttle response
• Excellent fuel economy

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