Thread: E90 or E46 M3?
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Originally Posted by Yugo View Post
The above video compares a top of the line sample of the E90 with a very bad crappy sample of the E46. How about an apples to apples comparison with both cars being comp package, 6spd etc.

No doubt E90 is the superior car, faster, more powerfull, no question about it, but as most reasonable ppl in this thread have pointed out, the E90 is def lacking that raw race car feel that the M3 has managed to maintain with the E46 body and imo that makes the E46 a more fun car to drive. The E90 has gone the route of big engine in a huge car.

Here is an interesing video, enjoy.

Saw that video before and it just doesn't seem very reliable to me.

Let's also watch these. We know for a fact that both the M3 CSL and the Z4 M are supposed to be faster than the E46 M3.

I also would like to add that M cars are all fast and they are really fast. Even though that is one of the many reasons why we buy these cars, it isn't the primary reason. I personally didn't buy my E92 M for it's straightline acceleration performance. It is the feel it gives me everytime I push that start button. Otherwise I could've bought a 335i and modify the hell out of it and make it look like an M car. But regardless of that, it will never feel like a true M car. I believe many M owners are on the same track as me. It is a passion