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Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
Hello guys. I need your expertise. Just visited a local bmw shop that sells AA and ess super chargers. I just placed on order on a hfc xpipe by AA xpipe, and I got talked into getting a supercharger system. I was quoted aprice for AA 535 stage1 kit which comes with the intercooler and other things that the Eas 535 stage 1 kit does not. The price difference is about 3000 between the two, but I was explained that AA system is a much superior system in all aspects of charging and engine longevity. Additionally, i was assured that the eas non intercooled unit pulls hard the inital times but after few pulls the unit heats up and fails to produce. Feed back from SC owners would be great.
The car is used for street dd driving, no track time. thanks
If anyone one has units for sale i would be interested in pricing aswell.
Good salesmen sell stuff to ignorant customers every day. I don't think the AA kit is much superior. And as noted below, you could have applied the $3000 price difference towards an intercooled ESS kit, but the salesman did not tell you that and you did not bother to do any of your own research. The good news is that none of these kits are bad, whether AA, ESS, VFE, GPower, Evolve, etc., whether intercooled or not. I am sure you will enjoy your intercooled AA kit.